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High-quality international pathways provided directly by
Universities in the UK 

The UPA is an alliance of highly-respected international pathways to UK degrees which are designed, managed and delivered directly by UPA member universities. [Read More]

Exchange of good practice amongst member institutions

UPA member institutions exchange information and good practice so that our programmes and support mechanisms can benefit more broadly from the experience of our respective universities. [Read More]

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A shared ethos for academic provision and student support 

Our member institutions share an ethos to prioritise excellence in our academic provision and the support of students, parents, schools, embassies and other sponsors. [Read More]

Enhancing  the experience for all

The institutions which comprise the UPA strive to continually develop and enhance the academic experience that is offered to all our international stakeholders. [Read More]

News & Events
UPA GCC Launch Event 

Our GCC launch event will take place in the Woburn Conference Centre in London this February.


February, 18, 2015

UPA Website Launch

The new UPA website was first launched in January 2015 to provide further details of our mission to key stakeholders.


January, 2015

UPA Foundation Meetings

The Alliance's Foundation Meetings were held between July 2014 and January 2015 to estabilish the UPA and its key objectives.

July 2014-January, 2015

UPA Lecture

UPA Lecture

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