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Graduation Ceremony
31 October 2018
In 2017, the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), approved a Grant Scheme application from the University Pathway Alliance. The project allowed the UPA to conduct research into the experiences of students studying on pathway programmes across the network of universities.
More information: UKCISA Project Videos
24 October 2017
The UPA institutions are proud to announce that as of October 2017, the Alliance will have two new University members. This takes the total membership of the UPA up to nine.
Cardiff University and the University of Leeds, two world-renowned institutions, have both joined the University Pathway Alliance at a very exciting time.  
The UPA looks forward to working with the respective teams at each institution, as we continue to promote high-quality pathway provision in the UK.
​18 February  2015


The UPA and its member institutions look forward to this key event which will take place in the Woburn Conference centre on 18 February from 14.00-16.30. During the event, the main objectives of the UPA will be described to visiting delegates. Opportunities will be provided for embassy representatives to discuss relevant matters with the UPA's members. A number of current students who are studying at member institutions will also be in attendance.

UPA Website launch
January 2015


The UPA website was first launched in January 2015, in order to provide a platform for the UPA's activity. As the UPA's events and initiatives continue to develop, further details will be provided and it is hoped that the site will act as a useful portal for our stakeholder groups.

UPA Foundation Meetings
July 2014-January 2015


The UPA's inital Foundation Meetings have been held over four sessions from July 2014 to January 2015. During these meetings our member institutions developed our mission and key objectives. 

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